Monday, May 12, 2014

Tips for feeding picky eaters by PediaSure®

  1. Serve meals creatively – As a busy parent, you may think presentation of meals are unnecessary and time-consuming. However, this is not so for your little picky eater. Children are naturally attracted to variety, of all colours, shapes and sizes as this is part of their personal development. Try cutting foods into various cute shapes using cookies cutters. Use a variety of vegetables and fruits to incorporate colour into their meals.
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  2. Dip foods in tasty dips – Instead of serving your children vegetables and fruits plainly. Try serving them with yummy dips. Children love to play with their food making dipping food such as apple slices and carrot sticks into a bowl of guacamole fun.
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  3. Let picky eaters play chef – this time the kitchen is a new place to have fun. Parents should allow children to be part of the decision-making and cooking process. This will make them feel more invested and are much likely to taste their end product. Allow them to be independent in choosing and try what they want.
    Source: MasterChef Junior
  4. Drink more - If your picky eater is the type who rather drink than eat, make healthy smoothies with fruits and vegetables for them. These smoothies will be rich in nutrients and minerals needed for your developing child. Fruit smoothies are naturally sweet-tasting and easy for a picky eater to finish. You can also use PediaSure® Complete Liquid with Elite Formulation as a base for a great tasting and nutritious fix.
  5. Don’t force your children – It is never a good idea to force your children into eating something they do not want. With a bad eating experience, children will start to associate particular foods negatively and resist even more. The goal is trying to make eating a positive experience for children.
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  6. Small sizes, small bites – Making foods a small size such as finger foods might make your child feel less intimidated and encouraged to eat. In this case, the goal is to get your child to try various types of foods and for them to become accustom to it. 
    Source: Healthy finger food for 12mo toddler
  7. Complement their meals with nutritional supplements – It’s important to ensure that the nutritional gaps caused by picky eating are closed with the help of nutritional supplements. Portable and ready-to-drink liquid supplement, PediaSure® Complete Liquid provides parents with complete reassurance that their child who does not eat enough nutritious foods is receiving complete nutrition – anytime, anywhere.
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