Monday, February 17, 2014

An open letter to Poplook

Dear Poplook,

It was a month before her wedding, I received a piece of dark green dress from the bride herself for us to wear on her wedding day. It is so beautiful & I thought I fit for it, so I didn't try it out at all. Until one day, one of the dulang girls asked me "Wawan, confirmed la kamu lagi kuruih. Saya tak buleh masuk baju Leni. Hahaha"

I was like - how do you know #akuceluihpakaibajulianibagi sebab #akutaktrylagipuuunnnn and I straight away jumped from my bed and have a try! Sah!! Memang sah tak celuihhh Liani!! It was stuck on my chest! Beli la dress ikut specific saizzz Jangan beli yang free size please! She's assuming all of us fitted into that damn free petite size - she might forget about about our various sizes & she might forget about my extra lemaks flesh & curves. But somehow, it was so thoughtful when she think that I'm about her size. So sweet of you Liani. Hahahaihetchuuu

The next day I went for a dress hunting. It was really a torture for me - actually I don't have time to go out for shopping & most of the dresses are not available in my size. I got frustrated & planning just to buy any piece of dark green hijab - it is wayyy much easier! Kan? I can wear it with my other plain outfit. Memang pasrah abis lah!

Fortunately, while checking email during having my late lunch, I came across into promotion email from Poplook about the new WEDDINGS & CELEBRATIONS COLLECTION. Hoiii macam tau-tau ja KakWan tengah cari baju pengapits! Kat ads pun dah ada dress in dark green colour! Of course mak teruja noks. Terus mata bersinar-sinar & hati berbunga-riang sebab ada colour yang KakWan nak! Nasib baik jugak tak sempat beli tudung hijau lagi masa tu Yeayyyy

Lambat oi nak tunggu launch collection tu. Hari-hari bukak website Poplook & my Instagram timeline asyik naik update collection tu ja. Geraammm Memang tak sabaq sangat nak beli baju tu.  Once dah launch, KakWan terus ja pilih saiz & click buy! ^^ 

Since I used to shop with Poplook, it makes things easier for me. Luckily the size is available & I received those dresses the next day after purchased. Have I told you that I bought two pieces of Maira Dress? One for me & the other one is for the one who asked me muat ke tak tu lah!! Hahaha =P Below are few photos during her wedding.

Thank you for saving her big day!

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